November 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

heaven i am in heaven lovers dancing cheek to cheek when we are out together climb a mountains and to reach the highest peak but it doesnt thrill me half as much as dancing cheek to cheek oh i love to go out in a river on a creek but i dont enjoy it half as much as dancing cheek to cheek


do you think that we pay less attention to the beat when people aren’t dancing

things that can carry me to heaving, i have always wanted one to be when i am around people but i would like to give it a day or two to get somewhere but i also think hey well maybe these people wont like me half as much because i am quiet all the time, i know what i am and i know what i want but all the fact that i have kept myself soft and calm is probably because i like to admire the people who don’t. it’s almost as if i am watching the better part of me function properly within scenes. and this might be why i drink and drink quite often is because i try to function less and just be. instead of keeping off “being” and putting effort on functioning.

it might just be that if i get to build enough courage in me- to know that i am a star and many more shining things above that, then i just might be much well rested

perhaps my hair will grow long and strong-and my body lean and fit and my voice would change as my poise would. because i know that my physical being is well associated with my emotional state. oh try as i may and one day i shall succeed. and that day can be any day and today as well, but i guess it wouldn’t make much difference because today is already spent and done and i am in my own company. am i shy even around my own company, maybe sometimes, maybe maybe.



i really wouldnt mind if my every move was mimiced through sound.

so when i am walking up the street it would be like i am walking in beat towards the better start of my day. music really makes many things better does it not


i wish i had designed the guggenheim in ny. and i would have have kept it concrete


we can all laugh at the same thing but do we frown at the same thing


i recognized from myself that only when i want to remain indifferent i wear gray

i pick bold colors if i am determined

and only when i wear black

i must have something in my mind hard to shake off



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