and i am not so…

February 12, 2012 § Leave a comment


and i am not so great at reading people

especially females

for i have experienced that many will hold back saying or doing things as they care too much about what the other thinks

but i know some things

like how a real kiss feels

and i have currently been on suspension in concluding one

and i was told that it didn’t count, and i wasn’t on the look out for scores, but the what was delivered as a message through his lips and his hands, i couldn’t imagine there is nothing implied in it

i am just now sad that with every day that passes, as i look forward to what i will do in the upcoming hours- a sad and a bad habit of mine- i am more and more aware of the time that passes between me and him,

and there is no fixing it, anything but his doing, and i will remain in that limbo of the unknown, the unexplained mystery that is this man’s behavior.

i trust it so much because i know so much of him isn’t unkind or undecided, but perhaps he is more undecided than i’ll ever be.

oh how easy i can convince myself of belonging to something when evidence points to the contrary.



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