i decided to ma…

March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment


i decided to make this brief and stunning as i have to get going in five minutes

today started with agony followed by feeling triumphant

then i was almost late to an appointment where i was told to be more careful in my health

when having lunch i got frustrated from other people’s demands from me

and when i entered my place of work i was irritated by the screaming hellos in my head

i snapped because i hadn’t meditated enough

the day went by and i was suddenly struck by the news 

that someone was approached and had accompanied something

which made me feel like i accomplished nothing

although its not true

i feel that way

i spent the day worrying about my hair because now its more yellow then white

and found myself fantasizing about summer and photography

something that kept me going is a boy who is messaging me

its of not romantic interest

but of personal interest

its a strangers conversation and i quite like it

but i cannot help but feel what if i disappoint him when i meet him in person

now i will go and drink some red wine

before i wake up and go to the pool to swim.


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