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April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment



reading spiritual books on karma, rebirth, evolution, maturation and the path to nirvana- or however else you might want to name it- is in its pure technicality super aggressive and requires attention to detail. after finding out about this book which is all about everything i have mentioned above, delivered in a science fiction language has been occupying my thoughts. it is about acceptance and how everything will unroll its own path once you ACCEPT their EXISTENCE AS PERFECT THEY ARE AS THEY ARE.

naturally, reading these words influences your outlook on your current situations. per example, my current situation, of which i am TERRIFIED, but i know at the end of it all it is the path i must exist in and simply cannot exist any other way. i have made a choice to get myself into here, because i knew that this was the only way to reach what i want. by making a decision i have long postponed, i shall reach the next stage of my journey, which i have been preparing for, for years. 

i will leave istanbul once again, but will return in a few years, fully grown and on the path that i want. perhaps i will be in and out of it- working on different projects and with different people- but it will be well. 

the decision i make will put an end to a relationship. and i think i know what i have learned from it all together. i have learned to listen to my instincts and have learned to be ACCEPTIVE.







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